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Maternity photography is a wonderful way to capture the beauty and joy of pregnancy, and to celebrate the transition into motherhood. It's a time to slow down and cherish the special moments before the arrival of your little one. There are many reasons to schedule a maternity photo session, from wanting to remember this special time in your life to marking the transition into parenthood.


When it comes to what to wear for your maternity session, longer length dresses and skirts are recommended for an elegant and feminine look. Earth tones and light pastels are also great choices for colors. It's best to keep your clothing fitted to show off your bump. If you don't have something suitable to wear, many photographers offer dresses for you to choose from.


It's recommended to schedule your maternity session for around 28-35 weeks pregnant for single babies, or about 30 weeks for multiples. However, there is some flexibility depending on your individual circumstances. The goal is to have the session at a time when you are comfortable and able to enjoy the experience without feeling too swollen or uncomfortable.


Overall, a maternity photography session is a beautiful way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little one and the transition into motherhood



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