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Hi! I'm Milda

 I am in love with people's stories and I am passionate about capturing real life just as it happens. I prefer using a documentary approach to all my photography, because it allows me to tell your story in an authentic way, capturing the real human connections and natural beauty of everyday life.

I am  family photographer based in Trondheim, Norway.

​I have learned to go with the flow in almost everything. But just as importantly, I have also learned that people all have their own unique ways of seeing, celebrating and facing life. We might go through similar situations, but the way we handle them is what makes us unique.

The most challenging - and the most rewarding - part of my job is showing off each person's individuality through my photography.

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Tropical Leaves


This or That


CITY          NATURE

TEA          COFFEE


DOG          CAT


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Hi! I'm Milda


My Favorite Things

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I love story-telling family photographs, pictures that go beyond sitting still and looking at the camera, pictures that tell us about the families, about the children and about the fun that everyone has together.

I have photographed in many different styles. It has been a long journey and through it all, the photos that have remained as the most meaningful to me are those that have a real story behind them.

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only travels
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I believe that good photography can hold a key to a memory and transport us back to a time and a place, to a person and a feeling. Great photographs remind us how things were and make us value how things are now.

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