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Why is Photographing Your Newborn a Must?


Your new family member has arrived home, you have had a few days of adjustment, and now you can start thinking about all the practical stuff that needs to be done, but also about keeping the memories of those blessed days for the future.

Every new parent knows how difficult it is to do it themselves, because no matter how much photography experience they already might have, the fact is:  babies are cute, but they are in no way easy models.

This is exactly the reason why you should leave that job to a professional: so you can just relax and enjoy your bundle of joy, while the photographer does all the work about preserving your most precious memories.

However, the successful photo shoot requires some preparation, and although there is no definitive newborn photography prep guide for parents, there are some tips and tricks that we recommend.

The Best Time to Schedule a Newborn Photography Session


The first important question is when should the session take part. First, you should ask yourself whether you want the photos of the baby asleep, and, if that is the case, the session should be done early, within their first 14 days. Around 8 days old, babies start stretching out, so it is more difficult to get them into those cute, sleeping poses.




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