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CV Photo

What’s the best way to put a face to your resume? Taken literally, adding a headshot is certainly one way to do it—while setting yourself apart from other job seekers. But the real question is whether a CV photo makes you stand out in a positive way. The answer depends on a few factors.


Why you should include a photo:

  • It will help build your brand.

  • It’s beneficial for some global job seekers.

  • Hiring managers are drawn to images

People are drawn to images.


Today, job seekers and hiring managers alike are living in the visually driven era of social media. Just look at the popularity of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where eye-catching photos are key to generating clicks and followers online. This directly relates to including a headshot on a CV, since hiring managers are naturally drawn to visual elements. Thus, adding a photo to your resume can potentially capture a hiring manager or recruiter’s attention—and lead to a job interview.

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